Q1: How many days do you deliver the goods?
Reply: If you want products which are in our warehouse, they can be delivered within 7 days after payment. If not, usually 15-45 days, depending on concrete products. The stock status changes almost everyday. We can only confirm whether a product is in stock or not after we get a firm inquiry.

Q2: What is your minimum order request ?
Reply: We don't limit minimum quantity per item. You can buy one piece per item. But if total value of an order is too small, the price will be higher to cover export procedures fee. The request for minimum total value of an order is different from regions, because, for our company in this city, export fee to Europe, New Zealand and Australia is different from the fee to South America and Vietnam.

Q3: What's the products quality?
Reply: A product is packaged only after our technician checks it and signs on the "Quality control" paper.

Q4: Can you check out a product if I only send you the finish code?
Reply: Yes. In our price list, there are both OEM part number and finish code of each item to make buyers check easier.

Q5: What is the delivery method?
Reply: By sea shipment, air shipment or even by road (thru Manchuria, for some Russian buyers)

Q6: Why do I send you emails several times but I don't receive any reply?
Reply: If you don't receive the reply within two working days, that means we have not received your email. Some buyers in Russia and Turkey faced this problem. You can leave a message in our website, or send fax.